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What We Do

Regulatory Affairs

At Medi Drug International (MDI) SAL, we carry good compliance level and …

Warehousing & Distribution

With over 50 years + of existence on the market, Medi Drug International (MDI) SAL is a registered and …

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing departments are the voice and image of Medi Drug International (MDI) SAL…

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on a commitment to follow the highest of quality standards and WHO GDP guidelines…

Customer Support

Because we are covering diverse market sectors such as pharmacies, hospitals, and public
sectors on the Lebanese territory…


Our experts in PV and Quality Assurance implement a high level of vigilance and awareness to actively monitor daily operations related to the…

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As a leading player, committed to delivering high quality products to the market, we are the ideal partner. Our partners worldwide rely and trust us to import, store and distribute a wide range of finished dose products within various therapeutic categories.

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Our people make the difference. We aim to attract the most talented and passionate employees in our industry. We support our staff through comprehensive human resources processes ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and has a voice which is listened to and valued.